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Hi, I'm Brian

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Brian DePeña was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. However it was in Miches, that Brian grew up with his parents and siblings.   It is in Miches that Brian received his elementary, and high school education. He later moved back to Santo Domingo (the capital) to study Hospitality at the School for Hospitality at Cadena Dominican Concord. It is here, where Brian interest in entrepreneurship is awakened. 

In the early 80’s, Brian decided to leave his country, and immigrate to the United States to carry out his dreams. He arrived in New York, where he worked in the area of construction, and building maintenance. This experience allowed him to connect with people, and advocate for the quality of life of many residents living in those buildings.

In 1989, Brian decided to move to Lawrence, MA. He arrived in the “city of immigrants” along with his older children, determined to find/make a better future for them. Determined to obtain financial independence, he opened his first business, “Brian’s Hardware.” This was the first Latino hardware store located in the center of the city. Together with his father, whom at the time also resided in Lawrence, they make “Brian’s Hardware,” a very successful and prosperous business. A place resident could go and find the tools and materials they needed, while speaking their native language. Brian started to notice the need to advocate for the residents and business owners that were developing/growing in the city. People went to “Brian’s Hardware” to buy materials, but they stayed to talk about the barriers, and obstacles they were facing as a community at that time.  Brian begins to obtain his financial independence, and at the same time the opportunity to acquire several other commercial properties in the city. 

His interest in social justice drives him to join different organizations that strive to obtain equal opportunity and urbanization for Latinos. He was a member and president of organizations such as Premios Círculos Dorados, Semana Hispana, Desfile Dominicano, Cámara Hispana de Comerciantes, and co-founder of  La Asociación Latinoamericana de Comerciantes.

Brian became involved in politics in the early 90’s when the Latino population began to grow, and it was evident that there was a significant need for political representation. He worked arduously on many campaigns to ensure representation at the local level as well as at the state level. In 2015, motivated by a need to be part of the change, and a burning desire to keep fighting for justice, he takes a big step forward and began his own campaign for City Councilor at Large. The Lawrence residents choose him for two terms, and as a result of the number of votes, and the outpouring of support and love, he is coined “The Most Loved Councilor,” “The Most Voted for Councilor,” “The Councilor of the City, Mr. Brian DePeña.” It is during his term as City Councilor that he has an opportunity to be part of the Finance Committee and the Personnel Committee. This affords him the opportunity to learn how the city functions, its structure and its vision. Being part of the Finance Committee gives him a clear picture of what can be done to benefit the constituents of the city. Here is where he learns the formulas to avoid raising city taxes, which is not always necessary. As part of the Personnel Committee he learned the importance of working on a team with a shared vision: the progress within the framework of regulations governing the city. Although Brian becomes bashful, and coy when asked about his popularity amongst the constituents in the city, one thing remains clear: he works for the people, he is a public servant, and he has a calling. 


Brian is the owner of “Tenares Tire Services” and “DePeña Auto Services” where he employs residents of the city of Lawrence. Tenares Tires is the only tire shop open 24 hours a day 7 days a week in all of New England. Brian is happily married to his wife Dilenny DePeña, collectively they have 7 children and 5 grandchildren, to whom Brian has committed to continuing to work to make Lawrence the city we all deserve. 

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